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マネジメント・ソフト・シリーズ  ソフトの特徴

The effectiveness of business processed in your company increases 2 to 10 times by using our Excel-based Management Software.

Management Software Series

Application software to support business process improvement

The engineering manuals that have been used in the consulting steps for business process improvement are established as the Management Software Series based in Excel. By using this Software, it has been proven that the simulation times needed to get the optimum solution for various problems are substantially reduced to 1/2 - 1/10 and the operating effectiveness is increased by 2 to 10 times.

Characteristics of Management Software Series


Convenient tools have been created as software.
Most of the tools are simulation-type software that is useful for making various decisions. Decision making is the most labor intensive and time consuming part of daily work. Decision making productivity should be improved 2 to 10 times with this software.

Easy operation in Excel.
The software has been created to be used easily in Excel. Since an Excel screen appears at start-up, it is possible to execute the operation without the sense of incongruity. Those accustomed to Excel will use this software just as they do for sorting data and printing.
The output appears as a written proposal and a report.
Since the output is prepared to print as simple reports, the output materials can be used in conferences just as they are. Also, output becomes a written proposal and a report because standard formats have been incorporated into all aspects of the software.

There is a question corner.
Any questions about the engineering contents of the software or questions about operational problems from users of the "Management Software Series" are freely received and answered by the professional consultants of the ME Consulting group.