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Consulting, Educating and Training within the Industry for Cost Reduction by ME Managemment Service

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About us

About us

About ME Management Service

Consulting, Education and Training within the Industry for Cost Reduction by ME Management Service

ME Management Service Assists Your Company to Establish Management Efficiency Management.

 Consulting :Innovating QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Lead Time) for Manufacturing and Service Industries
 Education & Training:Education and Training: Internal Workshops, Seminars, and Bibliography
  Software : e-Learning, Application Software Series (Strategic Planning, Improvement Design, Basic Analysis)

As an IT solution, the consulting, educating and training combined with e-learning and management software according to needs solve problems scientifically and progressively. Companies can look forward to innovative results in a short time. Also, the work times and distances with the customer are reduced by the network of ME Consulting Group in several countries ( Japan, U.S.A., Korea, and Thailand). ME works closely with the customer until we know what is important to them. ME achieves excellent results by using the most advanced management and consulting technology.

ME Managemsent Service, Co., Ltd. President
Management Consultant・Professional Engineer
Masaki Ogawa

Management Engineers of America, LLC


Takafumi Tamura


History of ME Management Service

1985 Established
1987 Began Cost Management Seminar Course for Japan Management Association
1988 Developed and Released Management Engineering Application Software: "Management Software Series"
1990 Built Main Office Building
1992 Started Accounting Department
1997 Developed and Released New "Management Software Series"
1999 Established ME-Korea in Seoul
2000 Established IME Enterprise Co. Ltd. In Thailand (Bangkok)
2005 Developed ME e-Learning for People Who Want to Learn About Management.
Established ME-America LLC in USA (Tennessee)
2007 Established ME North-America Inc. in Canada (Ontario)

Overseas Network

ME Management Service Network

Overseas Network






America Office
2119 Stuart St. Longmont, CO 80501, U.S.A.

日本 Office
29-2, 6-chome, Chuo, O'ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0024, Japan
TEL:03-3755-5437 FAX:03-3755/8366