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ME Consulting Group creates and implements Total Cost Reduction Proposals. These proposals show your business profits from receiving sales orders to product shipping for each department such as Sales, R &D, Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Material-handling etc.

Characteristic of Consulting

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Engineered Solution using Information Technology
Cyber-Consulting shortens the time and distance between clients and consultants based on ASP (Application Service Provider). For the first time, ASP is implemented in the consulting business and it is the most Advanced Solution using IT.

Short Period Accomplishments linked directly with Business goal.
It becomes possible to approach Optimum Resource Assignment of Priority type by utilizing IT tools. The IT tools are systematized to select the themes that quantitatively create significant results in a short period.

Innovative improvement results by Design Approach
The Problem Solving Methods are found by understanding the gap between ideal situations and current operations. These methods clarify which department and contents need to be implemented. the Department and Contents to implement. For the first time innovative results can be expected by executing the break-through and changing from Research approaches to Design approaches to solve problems.

Consulting category


Consulting category

Consulting Process


Consulting Process